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Journal of Space Technology and Applications. Vol. 1, No. 2, 2021

Analysis of Reentry Prediction of CZ-5B Rocket Body
창정 5B호 발사체의 재진입 시점 예측 분석
J. Space Technol. Appl. 2021;1(2):149-159.
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Solar and Interplanetary Observations and Models in Korea
국내 우주환경 자료 보유 현황: 태양·행성간 공간
J. Space Technol. Appl. 2021;1(2):160-177.
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Terrestrial Magnetospheric Observations and Models in Korea
국내 우주환경 자료 보유 현황: 자기권
J. Space Technol. Appl. 2021;1(2):178-198.
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Ionospheric and Upper Atmospheric Observations in Korea
국내 우주환경 자료 보유 현황: 전리권/고층대기
J. Space Technol. Appl. 2021;1(2):199-216.
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Basic Lunar Topography and Geology for Space Scientists
우주과학자에게 필요한 달의 지형과 지질
J. Space Technol. Appl. 2021;1(2):217-240.
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Proposals for Korean Space Observation Data Strategies
한국 우주관측 자료 전략 수립 제안
J. Space Technol. Appl. 2021;1(2):241-255.
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New Space Response and Industrialization Strategy for Micro & Small Satellites
(초)소형위성의 New Space 대응 및 산업화 전략
J. Space Technol. Appl. 2021;1(2):256-267.
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Technology Trend in Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Imagery Analysis Tools
SAR(Synthetic Aperture Radar) 영상 분석도구 개발기술 동향
J. Space Technol. Appl. 2021;1(2):268-281.
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