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Journal of Space Technology and Applications. Vol. 1, No. 1, 2021

Ground Test of Docking Phase for Nanosatellite
초소형위성 지상 환경 도킹 시험
J. Space Technol. Appl. 2021;1(1):7-22.
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Development of a Software for Re-Entry Prediction of Space Objects for Space Situational Awareness
우주상황인식을 위한 인공우주물체 추락 예측 소프트웨어 개발
J. Space Technol. Appl. 2021;1(1):23-32.
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Development and Field Test of the NEXTSat-2 Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Antenna Onboard Vehicle
차세대소형위성 2호 영상 레이다 안테나 개발 및 차량 탑재 시험
J. Space Technol. Appl. 2021;1(1):33-40.
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Satellite Image Resolution Enhancement Technique using Diagonal Information of Image
영상의 대각선 정보를 이용한 위성영상 해상도 향상 기법
J. Space Technol. Appl. 2021;1(1):41-48.
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Lunar Crater Detection using Deep-Learning
딥러닝을 이용한 달 크레이터 탐지
J. Space Technol. Appl. 2021;1(1):49-63.
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Lunar Exploration Employing a Quadruped Robot on the Fault of the Rupes Recta for Investigating the Geological Formation History of the Mare Nubium
4족 보행 로봇을 활용한 달의 직선절벽(Rupes Recta)의 단층면 탐사를 통한 구름의 바다(Mare Nubium) 지역의 지질학적 형성 연구
J. Space Technol. Appl. 2021;1(1):64-75.
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Calculation of Satellite’s Power Generation by the Earth Albedo
지구 알베도에 의한 위성의 생산전력 계산
J. Space Technol. Appl. 2021;1(1):76-84.
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Development Trends of Life Support System for the Manned Space Exploration
유인 우주탐사용 생명유지시스템 개발 동향
J. Space Technol. Appl. 2021;1(1):85-103.
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Compact Optical Systems for Space Applications
J. Space Technol. Appl. 2021;1(1):104-120.
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U.S. Commercial Space Traffic Management Policy, Yesterday and Today
미국의 민간(상업) 우주교통관리(Space Traffic Management, STM) 정책과 한국에의 시사점
J. Space Technol. Appl. 2021;1(1):121-130.
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