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Journal of Space Technology and Applications. Vol. 2, No. 3, 2022

Vibration Reduction Device for Directional Moving Satellite Antenna
지향성을 가지고 동작하는 위성 안테나 진동저감 장치
J. Space Technol. Appl. 2022;2(3):187-194.
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Europe’s Space Exploration and Korea’s Space Exploration Strategy from the Perspective of Science and Technology Diplomacy
과학기술외교 관점에서 바라본 유럽의 우주탐사와 우리나라 우주탐사전략
J. Space Technol. Appl. 2022;2(3):195-205.
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Analysis of Development Requirements on Simulated Ground Test Module for Underwater Residential Facilities
해저거주시설 모사 지상실험모듈 개발 요구사항 분석
J. Space Technol. Appl. 2022;2(3):206-220.
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Development of Thermostat for the Fluxgate Magnetometer in Icheon Geomagnetic Observatory and Stability Evaluation after Installation
이천 지자기 관측소 플럭스게이트 자력계 온도 조절 장치 개발 및 설치 후 안정성 자체 평가
J. Space Technol. Appl. 2022;2(3):221-229.
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